I believe that once you have learned to think outside the box your brain will never be boxed in again- CJ Beatty
If you do not believe in my dream…then you are not on my team- CJ Beatty
I Am…I Will…It’s Done- CJ Beatty
Becoming a success is not a choice…it is my only option- CJ Beatty
Champions are not born at the end of battle…Champions are born in the midst of battle- CJ Beatty
I may not be where I want to be in life…but I do believe I am where God wants me to be.- CJ Beatty
No matter the length of the race…your golden gates will forever be my chase- CJ Beatty
When failure leaves…wisdom is left behind- CJ Beatty
I know I can be tough on you and I know most nights you hate me…but I promise if you keep working with me I will make you a man- Baseball
I am God’s instrument…and Im not afraid to be played- CJ Beatty
You are the author and illustrator of your story so stop letting just anybody pick up the pen and start writing- CJ Beatty
If God is on your team you may lose some games…but you will always WIN the championship- CJ Beatty
Victory will only taste bitter for the ones who didn’t work for it…but victory will always taste great for the ones who have earned it- CJ Beatty
My faith has taken me places my body didn’t think it could go- CJ Beatty
Quitting is something people do to fit in with everyone else- CJ Beatty
I must continue to believe even if nobody else believes in me- CJ Beatty
Conversations are battles between positive and negative…and in these battles negative only needs ONE victory to prevail- CJ Beatty
I have a date with success and I do not want to be late- CJ Beatty
Never be afraid of failure…because without failure SUCCESS becomes nearly impossible- CJ Beatty